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NEW ANIMATION! Frozen Where I Stand!

2013-12-24 07:27:30 by secondstamp

You guys! I'm back again with something very special this time. I've created an animated MUSIC VIDEO for my band's new Christmas single FROZEN WHERE I STAND. Check it out below!

The band is called Bounds Of Modesty. Please support me and LIKE the page:


You can also check the animation out right here on Newgrounds!!

Happy holidays you guys x

Callum Stamp

Astroman Update!

2013-08-31 05:39:48 by secondstamp

Hey guys!

Here's a little screenshot from the opening cutscene from my upcoming game Astroman!
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Callum Stamp

Astroman Update!

Hey my Newgrounder friends.
I have something cool to share. My biggest project yet has been completed.

We're incredibly proud to announce our amazing arcade experience Astroman. Created by me and Alan James, take control of Sergeant Daniel "Astroman" Briggs and blast through the universe in search for falling stars.

Awesome original soundtrack, fully voiced characters, multiplayer, leaderboards, cutscenes, lots of replayability.. And ready for launch! We will keep sharing more screens, music and information on, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you want to see more, check out

This is the start of our voyage.

Callum Stamp

New Game Announcement: ASTROMAN

Dear Digital Painters,

Do you like to draw cool stuff in Photoshop? Have you always wanted to do an album cover?
I have a very cool opportunity for you today, so read on and send me an e-mail soon!

We want you to be creative, simple and abstract. We have a couple of small guidelines but
other than that, it's really up to you to decide what would be a killer artwork.

About the album/band: The band is called Bounds Of Modesty, I play guitar and sing in it.
It's Pop Punk, so music akin to blink-182 and Green Day, but we give it a more dramatic twist.
This EP has 5 songs and it's all centered around ending things and beginning again.
The vibe should definately be a little summer-y, so nice whites, pinks, purple, orange, you get it.
The title of the album is Watching Sunsets, you could experiment with that. We have a logo
and stuff so you don't need to focus on that or additional stuff.

Wanna know who we are? Check out our Tour Video from this year:

We're really looking for something that is both simple, abstract but meaningful.

Here's something I made as a preview, just so you can get a taste for the color palette and feel.

Send me an e-mail at

Or add me on Skype:

Digital Painter WANTED for Album Art

Musicians! Chiptune and Orchestral music wanted for our awesome new game!
E-mail me now:

The game is titled PIXEL PUNCHER PAPA

Here's the scoop:

Our game is well underway and we're nearing the next step of the process. We're looking for musicians who want to work with our talented team of animators, artists, sound designers, programmers and voice actors on a wonderful, cute, arcady and challenging indie game. Can't show too much other than the odd screenshot down here, but once you're in the loop, you'll get to see a whole lot more.

What we're looking for:

Our OST will consist of original tracks in Chiptune style, meshing with some orchestral elements.
It will match perfectly with the game, which is an arcade platformer/beat 'em up, with modern elements.
Boss battles will tend to lean more towards Chipstep (Dubstep+Chiptune) for the dangerous feel.
There is a main theme written and in some cases we will need songs to reflect on that in a small way.
We don't really want to constrain to one musician, it can definitely be a collaborative effort!

Musicians, please send me an e-mail:

Hope to talk to you soon! I'm excited.

Callum Stamp

Orchestral/Chiptune Musicians Wanted!

Dearest pixel artists and spriters,

I'm developing a very cool sprite platformer.
Right now I'm doing the art for it myself, but I'm
afraid that I'm just not technical or correct enough
with my sprite art. I'm hoping to recruit a sprite
artist/pixel artist to our team!

As you can see, our game's main character
is displayed below. I know there are some glaring
mistakes in the design and I'm looking to work side
by side with a talented spriter to make cool desigs
and backgrounds!

We have programmers, musicians, sound designers,
artists, animators.. Will you join our team?

Hit me up with an e-mail at:

Thanks and I'll see you soon!


Looking for Spriters/Pixel Artists!!

Hey Sweeties ;D

Looking for a programmer for game projects that I have created
and are already fully designed and animated. This is your chance!

Already interested? E-mail me now:

The scenario:

I'm the animator, director and designer. You are the programmer.
We have a full team of musicians, sound engineers and voice actors
backing us up. You will create a simple game with me, and all the
assets are already finised. It will be a really awesome partnership
and we will split earnings 50-50.

Thank you for listening, and I hope to work together with you on
some creative, wonderful and imaginative games.

E-mail me now:


Callum Stamp

Looking for Programmer! Awesome new Title!