NEW ANIMATION! Frozen Where I Stand!

2013-12-24 07:27:30 by secondstamp

You guys! I'm back again with something very special this time. I've created an animated MUSIC VIDEO for my band's new Christmas single FROZEN WHERE I STAND. Check it out below!

The band is called Bounds Of Modesty. Please support me and LIKE the page:


You can also check the animation out right here on Newgrounds!!

Happy holidays you guys x

Callum Stamp


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2013-12-24 12:46:45

I loved it!

secondstamp responds:

Hey, thanks. (:


2013-12-24 16:33:43

:< It wasn't much of an animation. It was the same thing over and over with different words :(
Wasn't the funnest thing to watch but the song was alright.

secondstamp responds:

This is called a Lyric Video. It's an animation in service to a song. So yeah, it's "different words" on top of a background. (: