Astroman Update!

2013-08-31 05:39:48 by secondstamp

Hey guys!

Here's a little screenshot from the opening cutscene from my upcoming game Astroman!
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Callum Stamp

Astroman Update!


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2013-08-31 11:42:38

Looks great!

secondstamp responds:

Thank you! I'm very proud of the visual work, there's even some awesome coded visuals that Alan James came up with. Keep an eye out for this one.


2013-08-31 15:50:21

can't wait to play it.

secondstamp responds:

Thanks so much! I can't wait for you to play it. It's finished. And almost launching!..


2013-12-23 22:34:24

looking good - are u collabing with some people or is it just you?

secondstamp responds:

Working with some awesome voice actors, musician and Alan James, the programmer.


2013-12-24 10:44:47

awesome - looking forward to seeing what its all about :P

secondstamp responds:

Trailer and release coming soon!